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Basket of serious snacks. Doritos chips, Crunch chocolate bar, Butterfinger bar, packaged Chocolate cake roll, Crackers with cheese (Ritz), Salsa Sauce for the Chips, 2 bags of candy snacks, M&Ms, Reese's candy and Potato Chips.  A total of 11 snacks!
Snack Mixnic

USD 103.50
2 bottles of beer, Mustard bits, Cheese and cookies. <br><br>(Item brands and appearance will vary based on market availability)
Beer Buddy

USD 103.50
Seagram's Wine Cooler, Bath Foam, Chocolates in basket. (Magazine not included). Wine cooler info:
Relaxing Bath

USD 126.50
Purple Haze - 12 oz., Nuts - Southwest Trail Mix 4 oz., Nuts - Pistachios 4 oz., Dipping Pretzels 6 oz.  in a bucket. If the bucket is unavailable a basket will be substituted.
Beer Me

USD 126.50
Wine and Candies in box.
Wine Candies

USD 126.50
Two large 300g sausages, 2 jars of mustard, 3 boxes of crackers
Hearty Mixnic

USD 126.50
Basket of Honey peanuts, Lemon Candies, Lime Candies, and flower fillers.
Bright Mixnic

USD 133.40
Box of Chocolate Cookies, Tart Cookies, Sugar & Spice Cookies, Roasted and plain Peanuts, Chocolates.
Boxed Sweets

USD 133.40
 Doritos chips, Lay's Potato Chips, Crunch chocolate bar, Butterfinger bar, 2 Quaker Oat Chewy Chocolate Chip bar, Milky Way Bar, Baby Ruth Candy bar, Snicker's Bar, Kit Kat Waffer Bar, Planters Peanuts,  Crackers with cheese (Ritz),  M&Ms, Rice Krispies
Snack BigMix

USD 133.40
Picnic red wine, biscuts and cheese basket.
Vineyard Breeze

USD 133.40
Chocolate cookies, Carmel Popcorn, Assorted Candies and Bread loaf.
Sweety Pops

USD 133.40
Basket with Gourmet Nuts, Assorted Candies, Mixed dried fruit, Hot Chocolate powder Candy Carmel Popcorn, Chocolate sticks.
Delicious Mixnic

USD 149.50
Basket with chocolate bites, Butter Wafers, Wafer Cookies, peanuts, Candy Popcorn and chocolate sticks. Chocolates may vary based on availability. Ferrero chocolates or other brands may be used.
Classy Mixnic

USD 149.50
Basket with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ferrero Chocolates 5 pcs, Tart Cookies, Peanuts, Chocolate Mint Sticks, Rock Candy and M&Ms mini packs.
Sweet Platter

USD 149.50
Bottle of red wine,Strawberry jam, Cheese and crackers.
Picnic Set

USD 149.50
Basket of healthy Apple Crisps, two packages of shortbread, two types of cheese, two boxes of crackers and a Ready Salad set mix.  If the salad mix is not available, it will be substituted with more crackers.
Healthy Mixnic

USD 149.50
Barrel of Roasted Almonds, Pretzels, Assorted Mixed Nuts, a packaged cake and small 3 pc Ferrero Chocolates. If the Barrel is not available a basket will be used.
Savor Mixnic

USD 149.50
Chicken Noodles, Crackers, Almond Chocolates, Dried Fruits
Goodwell Mixnic

USD 149.50
Basket of nuts, bread crackers, three types of cheese, Salami sausage stick 250g, beef sausage 250g and grape jam.
Delighted Mixnic

USD 149.50
Chocolate cookies, Assorted cookies, Biscuts, Chocolates, Crackers and bread stick rolls.
Chirpy Mixnic

USD 149.50
1 bottle of red wine, Cheese, Crackers, Fruit Jam.
Happy Mixnic

USD 149.50
Basket of Nuts, Vegetable Crackers, Hors de ordervs crackers, white chocolates, Chocolate chip, biscuts and strawberry and grape jam.
Variety Mixnic

USD 151.80
Sparkling Cider, Mango dried fruits, Biscut cookies, Lindor Chocolates and Chocolate Raisins
Sweet Vines

USD 156.40
A bottle of red wine, two boxes of biscuts, Belgian chocolates, and a box of assorted chocolates
Simple Sincerity

USD 156.40

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